Hacked.fail was created for one reason, to give the general public a platform to verify whether or not their email addresses have been exposed in publicly available data breaches.

Hacked.fail is owned and operated by security professionals that care about internet freedom and the right to inform the public if their safety has been jeopardized.

You will NEVER see the administrator's name appear on Hacked.fail.
You will NEVER read about the individual opinions or moral standings of the administrators. (other than this about page)

This website was designed to help the public directly. Other platforms are offering similar services; however, we believe they are too bogged down with click bait and personal agendas. We at Hacked.fail believe in providing a simple service that doesn't apologize for the data it references.

This website is a platform that aggregates and centralizes publicly available "breach data" so the public can improve their safety. This information is out there, and there is nothing we can do about it. We are not here to debate the political or moral principles of aggregating this data.

Use the platform for what it was intended.

If you, as the user, do not approve of this service or what it stands for….leave

No Remorse. No Repent.